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2022-11-14 15:24:42 By : Ms. Lily Lee

Extend your drilling runs and maximize ROP with application-specific shaped-cutters.

Shaped-cutter technology from Baker Hughes can help improve the speed and length of your drilling runs. Each of our shaped cutters has been painstakingly ​designed, engineered​, tested​, manufactured, and optimally placed to deliver specific performance improvements in specific formation types.

Each Baker Hughes shaped-cutter is custom-engineered to deliver a range of performance improvements under different drilling conditions.​ These include:

Our drill bit experts use advanced 3D modeling tools to refine each shape based on how we are attempting to improve performance in a specific application or formation. ​Once we’re happy with the initial design, we manufacture prototypes and test them against a variety of formation types under specific drilling conditions in a device that can mimic downhole weights and pressures. This lets us further refine each shape until we are confident that it will deliver the performance improvements you need. ​

​Then, once a new design goes into our portfolio, we test and model its exact placement on the bit to deliver the best possible results. We can even mix and match multiple shapes in multiple locations to best match an application for the customer’s desired outcome. ​

Contact a Baker Hughes representative today to start a conversation about how our shaped-cutters can help you drive well construction efficiency with longer, faster drilling runs.

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